Business concept

Backer aims to supply components and electric heating systems to manufacturers and users.

To supplement these products, Backer can also manufacture and offer:

  • Tubing
  • Temperature regulating and control systems for electric heating
  • Loading resistors
  • Subcontract assignments based on our technologies


Our business values

We operate globally, but have a local presence in our home markets. We wish our customers to see us as a business partner, who can meet the full needs of the customer in all aspects of their business.

Our ambition is to strengthen our customers competitiveness through leading edge product development, utilising not only our own research and development, but through joint projects with customers. Quality and delivery must be criteria for choosing us as suppliers.

We aim to have cost-efficient and competitive products and services available through high productivity and a high degree of internal production. Our goal is to reflect our customers’ expansion through extension of our own product range and geographic expansion.

The Backer Group

Backer BHV AB in Sösdala in Sweden is the Backer Group head office. Backer Group production units are located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, the UK, Mexico and China.

The individual companies in the various countries work closely with customers and are able to provide instant support. All these companies can manufacture the most common types of tubular element, but also specialise in other technology such as aluminium, thick film, cartridge heaters, heating cables, resistors, elements for deep fat fryers, ovens and tumble dryers, etc.

One of the main goals of the Backer Group is to continousely increase this specialisation in order to make production more efficient and to provide the best-qualified technical support for customers.