We develop and manufacture elements for a wide range of applications from motor heaters to process heaters. Our business concept is to provide optimal technology for each specialised application. In order to become the preferred business partner, the group carries on research and development to find new solutions for new applications, and supplies individual components or complete systems for electric heating. In some areas the technologies we specialise in can be applied to other functions besides heating, such as resistors.

We carry out development, manufacture and marketing of a range of technologies in the field of electrical elements. Our technology covers a wide area, so the customer is always sure of the best solution. By applying our knowledge and equipment to different technological fields we are able to develop new solutions that can strengthen the customer’s competitiveness. We can also provide technology and products for temperature regulation and heat exchangers.

Developing production technology
Backer has its own PTV resources, which enable us to adapt equipment or construct new tools to ensure the quality of our products.