Customer focus, constant improvement and environmental quality assurance

Backer’s fundamental principle is that our products and services must be of the highest quality and that we constantly strive to improve internally to ensure complete customer satisfaction and to minimise environmental impact.

Considerations of quality have always been a hallmark of Backer products, and since 1992 these have been set out formally in the ISO 9001 quality certification. Backer’s certificate was updated to the new standard ISO 9001: 2008 in 2009 (download the certificate).

Since August 2011, the units Sösdala and Tjörnarp in Sweden are also ISO 14001 certified (download the certificate)

In endeavours to achieve quality,  Backer’s highest aim is not only to meet customers’ specified requirements but also their unspecified expectations of products, systems and customer service. We also strive to set up processes and find technical solutions and methods of production that ensure quality and reliable delivery.

Backer BHV has its own quality organisation. Through continual training and constant improvements, employees are fully enabled to meet our quality requirements. Measurable targets for quality are set and regularly followed up so that problems can be dealt with immediately.

All companies in the Group have established quality systems or work in accordance with ISO 9001. Some of the companies have supplementary certifications relating to the automotive industry.

As subcontractors, Backer operations are mainly dictated by customer demands. We work closely with our customers to take the environment into account during product development, choice of materials, design and production.

In its own work routines Backer takes protective and preventive measures to ensure that operations do not endanger human health or damage the environment. This includes a commitment to continuous improvement and preventive steps to reduce pollution and consumption of resources.

We comply with the requirements of the environmental standard and are also certified according to ISO 14001. Employees receive constant training if their work gives rise to appreciable environmental impact. This training enables them to identify and minimise environmental impact, and increases awareness of how the products affect the environment. Systematic environmental projects are carried out within the company, with the aim of preventing injuries and risk to employees’ health.

Within the Backer BHV AB company is systematically pursued a work environment project aiming to keep a high security level preventing damages and inconveniences for the workers’ health.

The goal that all employees shall take part in actively seek, identify and take measures to remove every possible risky factor has resulted in that we now with pride are facing two years without severe incidents.