Backer Elektro-Värme AB in Sösdala was founded in 1949. The products of Backer can be derived from the technical principle that Christian Backer took out a patent for in the year 1921. The company was started together with Mr Nils Bernerup, the founder of NIBE-Verken in Markaryd.

The technical principle is based on a resistance wire that is positioned in the centre of a tube. The space between the wire and the tube is filled with magnesium oxyde. The element tube with the magnesium oxyde is then compressed and sealed.

The unique ability of the magnesium oxyde as conductor of heat and at the same time a very good electric insulator is the main principle for the technology of the tubular heating element.

The electrical tubular heating element is also known as the "Backer element".

Christian Backer and the birth of the Backer element
The revolutionary originator of the Backer process is Mr Cristian Backer. He gave the world a new easily applicable heating component for the household and industry - the so called "Backer element".

The Backer process
Christian Backer was born in the village Flisa, near Kongsvinger, Norway. He showed early in life talent for studies and research. After passing high school examination in Kongsvinger he became the assistent of a professor at the University of Technology in Trondheim. During this work he also had the possibility to study. The professor worked among other things with a project to produce pure magnesium out of sea water.

Christian Backer realized then the possibility to create magnesium o

xyde out of pure magnesium metal, being a good electrical conductor. This magnesium oxyde is one of our best electrical insulators and besides an extremely good heat conductor at also high temperatures.

By pulling a resistance wire into a tube of magnesium metal and thereafter push the total unit in a protective tube the centering was managed and the base components were in place. After this the task was to transform the electrically conducting magnesium metal to an insulator. Christian Backer solved this by feeding water steam into an autoclave under high temperature and high pressure at which process the magnesium metal was resolved and magnesium hydroxide was formed.

The magnesium hydroxide was in a subsequent heating process tranformed into magnesium oxyde and water.

The fundamental and unique idea of Christian Backer was named the Backer process.

The establishment of Backer BHV AB

The basic patent originates from 1921 and has afterwards been completed by a couple of following patents. The goal for Christian Backer was to create a product good enough for the production of an electrical tube hot plate. The hot plate was supposed to be an alternative to the gas stove.

Christian Backer emigrated to Canada and in Ottawa he built up a plant for continued experiments. In Canada Christan Backer developed a complete concept for production units and started selling licences of his method.

After the second world war Christian Backer also wanted to build up an activity in Sweden, specially as his wife Elsa was born in Sweden.

The estate owner Mr Nils Bernerup at the estate Stora Bernstorp and Mr Erik Nilsson, member of the Swedish parliament, Svalöv, took an active part to realize the establishment and in the year 1949 Backer Elektro-Värme AB in Sösdala was founded.

The main plant of former Backer Elektro-Värme AB, now Backer BHV AB, has ever since been situated in Sösdala. In 2009 Backer celebrated the 60 year anniversary.